Report a Crime

Whether you are a victim of or witness to a crime, you have the responsibility to promptly and accurately report crime. If a crime occurs on or around the USD campus, report it immediately to University Police. Crimes occurring off-campus should be reported to the Vermillion Police Department.

Provide This Information:

  • Describe the incident: what, where and when
  • Injuries you or another have sustained
  • Did the suspect(s) have a weapon
  • When and where was the suspect last seen
  • What did the suspect(s) look like (gender, race, age, height, weight, hair color, clothing, facial hair, tattoos, etc.).

Confidential Reporting of a Crime

If you do not want to pursue action within USD's conduct system or criminal justice system:

  • Submit a Silent Witness Form without revealing your identity. This keeps the matter confidential, while taking steps to help ensure your safety and that of others
  • Victim Advocacy Resources: Many resources are available for victims of sexual assault seeking counseling, medical and legal assistance.

Additional Resources

In addition to University Police, you may contact the following to report criminal/suspicious activity: