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Academic Support Program

USD Law offers a comprehensive academic support program that is designed to assist all students on their road to academic success and bar passage.


You will be exposed to various workshops and activities over the summer to help you acclimate to the unique learning environment you will encounter in law school. During orientation, you will have the opportunity to interact with your classmates, the faculty and other upper-level students. You will also learn about outlining, case briefing and several aspects of the legal education process. Orientation is our opportunity to prepare you for the transition to law school to ensure you start off on the right foot.

First Year Resource

Each week, first-year students have an opportunity to reinforce the principles they are learning in their classes through workshops with the director of academic support and a few third-year law students. In these sessions, you will review strategies for success, as well as the legal principles. You will also receive an introduction to the format for questions that you will ultimately see on the bar exam. There is also an opportunity to have one-on-one sessions and small group meetings with student groups.

Second Year Resource

During the second year, you will have the option to take a class that will simultaneously help prepare you for the multi-state practice test on the bar exam, and it will help you learn to address realistic scenarios you will face in your practice. Through looking at sample case files and working through the analysis, you will receive practical training, as well as a head start on preparation for the bar exam.

Third Year Resources

In the third year, you will take a course that will help reinforce several substantive areas that are prevalent on the bar exam. You will be exposed to the various portions of the bar exam and will learn the strategies to be successful on each component. You will complete a bar exam success plan that will insure you have carefully planned all of the various aspects needed for the bar exam, including your study environment, scheduling, etc.

Post-Graduation Resources

After graduation, you will begin studying for the bar exam. You will have access to workshops hosted by the academic support program that will help you identify areas of improvement as you progress in your studies. You will have the option to have individual feedback on your practice essays as you continue your journey towards passing the bar exam.


Departments & Facilities

Explore the departments, facilities and centers that contribute to your education in law.
The Knudson School of Law Career Services Office.

Law Career Services

The Office of Career Services helps our students and graduates connect with meaningful legal careers and professional development opportunities. We will provide you with the necessary tools to thrive as a professional through individual career counseling, job search strategies, professional development programming, and connections with employers.

student success story

Success story Anthony Leonardi smiling.
Before law school, I worked as a reporter with the Washington Examiner, covering breaking news and the Supreme Court. Instead of continuing to report on developments in the law, I wanted to be part of those developments – furthering our shared ideal of equal justice under the law. At the USD Knudson School of Law, the professors take pride in seeing law students with these aspirations and support them every way they can, and rather than feeling like you're competing with your peers, there's a unanimous feeling of camaraderie and support to help each other succeed. In my mind, there's no university that does this better.

Anthony Leonardi

1L Law Student