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As one of the cornerstones of not only the University of South Dakota campus, but also of the regional health care industry, it is a critical component of enhancing research and improving health sciences and medical education in the state. State-of-the-art technology is deployed throughout the 156,000 square-foot building.

Funding for the $37 million project included $12.5 million from the Higher Education Facilities Fund, $12.5 million from Campaign South Dakota, $10.2 million from the federal government and $1.8 million from the state of South Dakota. Lead private gifts came from Avera Health, Monument Health and Sanford Health. The building was designed by Koch Hazard Architects of Sioux Falls.

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Departments & Facilities

Explore the departments, facilities and centers that contribute to your education in medicine.
A biomedical sciences student doing lab work.

Basic Biomedical Sciences

Housed in the state's only medical school, the Division of Basic Biomedical Sciences creates an environment of innovative and interdisciplinary research aimed at examining human disease.

Female in White Lab Coat Listening to Patient's Heart.

Family Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine teaches students to provide quality primary care.

Internal Medicine Resident Examining Patients Neck.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine helps prevent the onset of health care problems whenever possible and treats them effectively when they arise.

Female Researcher Working in Lab.


The Department of Neurosciences provides sate-of-the-art teaching and appropriate role models for medical students, teaching our future physicians to diagnose and effectively treat common neurological conditions.

Female in Blue Scrubs Delivering a Baby in a Simulation.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

We educate students to provide compassionate health care for women.

Female in White Lab Coat Examining a Medical Slide.


Bridging basic and clinical science to improve the diagnosis, treatment and basic understanding of human disease.

 Pediatric Resident Listening to Toddler's Heart.


Gentle, honest, sympathetic and respectful children's care.

Psychiatry Resident Speaking with Patient.


The Department of Psychiatry provides exceptional and quality care, opportunities and education in the field of psychiatry.

 Exterior of Sioux Falls Campus.

Sioux Falls Campus

Located in the heart of South Dakota's largest city, the Sioux Falls campus resides on the campus of Sanford Health and Sanford/USD Medical Center.

Surgeon Performing an Operation Simulation.


Providing surgical training and educational experiences for tomorrow's leaders.