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Interested in pursuing a career in engineering? USD offers specialized programs and thoughtfully designed coursework to prepare you for engineering school applications.

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If you aim to pursue a career in engineering, it's crucial to plan your undergraduate program carefully to meet the requirements for admission to engineering school. Engineers are essential contributors to different industries, using their skills to design and implement solutions for complex challenges. In addition to theoretical knowledge, engineers participate in hands-on projects, work collaboratively to solve problems and apply innovative technologies. They play a vital role in advancing technology, promoting sustainable development and enhancing infrastructure.

While the University of South Dakota's pre-engineering program is carefully structured to provide students with a curriculum that covers essential required courses, students are encouraged to contact individual engineering schools for specific admission requirements. Consulting with advisors is essential to plan a course of study aligned with the prerequisites of the student's chosen engineering schools.

This pre-engineering program does not lead to a degree. Explore the details provided below, as well as our frequently asked questions, to gain insights into how the pre-engineering program will shape your USD education and prepare you for success.

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USD's pre-engineering program is tailored to equip you for engineering school applications. Although you won't graduate with a degree specifically in pre-engineering, the program complements your major, providing a comprehensive pre-professional curriculum. Advising is crucial for navigating any pre-professional path, so be sure to communicate your interest in engineering school with your advisor and inquire about how this decision will impact your education at USD.

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Incredible Research Opportunities

A unique aspect of your USD education is access to incredible undergraduate research opportunities. Through your academic department, you may have the opportunity to work in specialized research labs under the guidance of highly active faculty. You can also sharpen your writing skills by applying for undergraduate research grants at the university. By accessing high-quality research experiences as an undergraduate student, you can expand your education and set yourself apart in medical school applications.

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