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Interested in pursuing a career in law? USD provides specialized programs and thoughtfully designed coursework to prepare you for law school applications.

Your Path in Pre-Law

Lawyers play an essential role in the legal system, providing expertise in interpreting and applying the law to various situations. Beyond courtroom representation, lawyers engage in legal research, negotiations and the development of legal strategies. They contribute to the resolution of conflicts, the protection of individual rights and the promotion of justice in society.

The University of South Dakota's pre-law path is designed to give students the necessary education for law school. While the program covers required coursework, students are encouraged to consult the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for information about how to apply to law school and should reach out to individual schools for specific admission requirements. It's important to talk with an advisor to plan your studies according to the schools you're interested in.

This pre-law program does not lead to a degree. Review the offering details below, along with our frequently asked questions and our early law interest page, to learn more about how the pre-law program will shape your USD education and set you up for success.

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USD's pre-law program is designed to prepare you for law school applications. While you won't graduate with a degree specifically in pre-law, the program complements your major and prepares you for applying to law school. Advising plays a crucial role in navigating any pre-professional path, so be sure to communicate your interest in law school with your advisor and inquire about how this decision will impact your education at USD.

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Pre-Law FAQ

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An Early Connection to the State's Law School

USD is home to the Knudson School of Law – South Dakota's only law school. With excellent job placement rates, a low student-to-faculty ratio, robust experiential learning opportunities and affordable tuition, USD boasts one of the best value law schools in the country.

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Get Involved

Seeking to broaden your educational experience and become part of a community of pre-law students? USD's Pre-Law Society supports students interested in pursuing legal careers, enhancing their understanding of various legal professions and facilitating connections with fellow students who share similar interests, as well as faculty members from the law school.

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Incredible Research Opportunities

A unique aspect of your USD education is access to incredible undergraduate research opportunities. Through your academic department, you may have the opportunity to work in specialized research labs under the guidance of highly active faculty. You can also sharpen your writing skills by applying for undergraduate research grants at the university. By accessing high-quality research experiences as an undergraduate student, you can expand your education and set yourself apart in medical school applications.

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