The Coyote Crazies doing the Yote "sway" before a basketball game.

Coyote Crazies

Cheering on our team is more than just a hobby. As a Coyote Crazy, you'll share your love for the Yotes and help promote school pride.


Who We Are

We are the only official student section organization at the University of South Dakota.

The Coyote Crazies are a student athletic booster group open to all USD students. The intent of the Crazies' leadership is to improve student engagement in Coyote Athletics and school pride by building a committed student fan base and a game day atmosphere that is made for the students, by the students. 

The Coyote Crazies became an official student organization in 2013, but have been cheering on the Coyote Athletics since 1996. There is a $20 membership fee to join.

Join Our Pack

Read more about why it's great to be a Crazy and how you can join us.
President:  Quincee Goeller
Vice President:  Alex Defenbaugh
Secretary/ Treasurer:  Caleb Fowler
Recruitment Co - Chairs:  Piper Roseland & Ntombi Ngeleka
Social Media Chair:  Trevor Sinclair
Project Team Manager:  Morgan Jaco
Event Coordinator:  Marga Block
Merchandise Chair:  Taylor Titze
You get special perks for being a part of the Crazies, or as one of our special "Alpha" members.
  The Pack Alphas
Priority and Early Seating Included Included
Front Row Seating Included
Creating an Impactful Gameday Included
Access to Exclusive Cheer Gear Included
Adidas Sports Packs NOT Included Included
Working Closely with Athletics NOT Included
Team and Coach Meet and Greets NOT Included

Throughout the game we will interact with the band and get the crowd hyped up to rally behind the Yotes with an array of hype rituals. For example, we begin each game by playing "We’re Going Hunting" and doing the Yote Sway, and then toward the end of the game, we are jingling our keys to signal for the other team to warm up the bus. 

We support all athletics teams and clubs/organizations across campus, including the fine arts.

In addition to these events, the Crazies put on a Meet and Eat with the athletics department each semester as well as One Crazie Night to get students prepared and excited for the upcoming athletic season.

Core Sports:

Fine Arts

  • Theatre
  • Band
  • Choral

Want to learn more about becoming a crazy or supporting us? You can email us at to become a general member or click here to become an alpha.

If you'd like to contact us, send an email to and follow our social media Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @coyotecrazies.

Spirit Squad Request Form

Cheerleaders and dancers mingle and hype up guests with basic fight songs or cheers while the Coyote Crazies can bring the excitement. If you would like a routine at your event please detail what is expected below and we will do our best to fulfill your request. You must provide USD Fight Song music if needed.

Reminder for Spirit Squad Appearances:
  1. Requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the event date. 
  2. A private and secure changing room is requested for cheerleaders and dancers, but is required for Charlie (no public changing rooms).
  3. Water must be provided for Charlie at all events.
  4. Costumes will NOT be loaned or rented.
  5. Charlie appearances at wedding receptions must be at the onset of the reception before any beverages are served. The hourly charge for Charlie will begin from the arrival of the event to departure of event

Spirit Squad Appearance Request Form

Coyote Crazies cheering at the camera in the football student section.

Join our Pack

You can join the Coyote Crazies by submitting your form to be a member, or simply support by cheering loud and proud alongside us!

Become a Coyote Crazy
The Crazies posing in a stunt pyramid while holding up Yote signs on the campus lawn.

Contact the Crazies

If you have questions or would like us to represent USD at your event, reach out to us below.

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