USD students playing basketball.

Sports Clubs

Get involved and join a sport club to compete with friends.

USD Sport Clubs are created and operated by students who have a strong desire to compete or participate in a sport throughout their college career, and exist to develop students' skills, dedication, and interest for specific sports.

Each club may set their level of activity, but the opportunities range from recreational to regional and national intercollegiate competition.

Sport Clubs continue to grow primarily due to strong student leadership, which is one of a variety of life skills that students can develop through their participation at the USD Wellness Center.

Each club is represented on the Sport Clubs Council and is encouraged to become a member of a recognized National Governing Sport Body.

If you would like to learn more about our sport clubs, please contact the corresponding email from the list below, or contact the USD Wellness Center at (605) 677-8806.

Club Email
Baseball Soccer Trap Shooting Ultimate Frisbee Women's Rugby Coyote Officials Association

Sport Club Travel

If you are a Sport Club who is looking to travel.  Please fill out our Sport Club Travel Request Form.  We will contact you with more details once this is complete.

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Success story Lily Louise smiling.
The University of South Dakota has so much to offer if you simply seek it out - I have been able to join clubs, volunteer, be a collegiate athlete and attend sporting events while getting a top notch education. Vermillion is a special place. 

Lily Provenzano

B.A, B.B.A Political Science, Economics '22
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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