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Coyote Card

Your Coyote Card is your single most important piece of identification at USD. This multi-purpose ID will be your identification, meal and library card. You will use your card for residence hall access, laundry and vending machines, photocopies, printing, supplies and books and even as a debit card that can be used with campus and community vendors.

How to Request Your Coyote Card Official Student ID

The Coyote Card Office is located in the I.D. Weeks Library, room 104.

You can get your student USD ID by completing the Student ID Request Application. You will need the following information to complete the form:

  • Your student ID number
  • A head shot (no particular size requirement)
    • A colored photo that has been taken within the last 30 days
    • On a plain white or off-white background
    • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
    • A neutral or happy facial expression with both eyes open
  • Your Student ID card will be given to you when you move in, Submissions made a week before move in or less should be picked up at the Coyote Card Office
  • Please indicate if you are a undergraduate or graduate student

*Replacement IDs can be requested by calling 605-658-3559, stopping by the Coyote Card Office or emailing You will be charged a $20 replacement cost.


Adding Funds

Use the button below to add funds to your Coyote Card using our online tool.

Your mobile Coyote Card is now available in Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, and Samsung Wallet!

The new Coyote Card Mobile ID is available to all enrolled students and current employees. Tap your iPhone, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy or other eligible Android phones at readers across campus to conveniently access your Coyote Card. You’ll still have your physical card, and now you can add your mobile Coyote Card either to one iPhone and one Apple Watch, or one Android phone.

Pay for any purchase with a single swipe - no change to carry, no receipt to sign - and because your photo is on the card, vendors are able to verify your identity before each transaction.

Installing Coyote Card Mobile

Using Coyote Card Mobile

Submitting Photo for Coyote Card

There are three types of funds administered through your Coyote Card:

Coyote Cash - Coyote Cash is essentially a debit account that can be used at all flex locations, as well as many locations around Vermillion. Coyote Cash funds can be used all year round and remain on your account per policy. You may also use Coyote Cash at on-campus vending and laundry machines, as well printing finds when printing Pharos funds have been depleted. Please view the list of accepted vendors.

Flex - Flex dollars are the dollars that will come out of your selected meal plan each semester. You may carry over flex dollars from fall to spring semesters, but you CANNOT carry over after the spring semester. If you run out of flex, you may purchase additional add-on flex dollars. Remember to keep an eye out for promotions featured by Campus Dining! Bonus Flex dollars are frequently offered as an extra incentive to add flex money to your account. Please view the list of accepted vendors.

Students can now use flex dollars to donate to Charlie's Cupboard. There are special areas set up at Beede Bump and Coyote Village P.O.D. set aside to show items Charlie's Cupboard has specifically requested.  

Pharos - Any USD student with a current Coyote Card and USD username and password can print in any of the labs where Pharos Uniprint is available. Please visit the Coyote Card Office in I.D. Weeks Library Room 104 to obtain a Coyote Card and visit Accounts Pickup to determine your USD username. There is a $28 Pharos allotment for each academic year. Once this allotment has been depleted you can add Coyote Cash for printing. There is a $0.07 charge per page for black and white printing and a $0.42 charge per page for color printing.

Where to use Pharos?

You can use Pharos at the following locations:

  • Academic Commons (first floor I.D. Weeks Library)
  • School of Business Lab (Beacom 240)
  • School of Education Lab (Delzell 109)
  • Computer Science Lab (McKusick 201)
  • University Housing Labs
  • Media & Journalism (Al Neuharth 207)
  • School of Medicine
  • Law School

Adding Money to an Account

Using eAccounts, students, faculty, staff, family and friends can add funds to the Coyote Card using our online deposit system. It is available 24/7 and accepts credit card payment methods. (Note: Family and friends must know the student's last name and campus ID number to make a deposit on their behalf using the Coyote Card Online Guest Access). Students can check balances and review transaction history using the Coyote Card Online.

Students can also add money to their accounts in person by visiting or contacting the Coyote Card Office, or via our PHIL Machines -these are automated machines located around campus for a quick cash deposit to your Coyote Cash account. Our three PHIL machines are located in the MUC by the ATM, North Complex by the Beede Bump and by the front door of Coyote Village.

Types of Student Funds

Account Type Can be Used Restrictions Expires
Coyote Cash For laundry, printing, all on-campus dining options, bookstore items, vending machines, off-campus merchants, concessions.
No alcohol or gift cards
Please see USD Policies.
Flex For all on-campus dining options, concessions. No laundry, bookstore items, vending machines or off-campus merchants
After last day of Spring finals
Add-On Flex For all on-campus dining options, concessions.
No laundry, bookstore items, vending machines or off-campus merchants After last day of Spring finals
Bonus Flex For all on-campus dining options, concessions.
No laundry, bookstore items, vending machines or off-campus merchants
After last day of Spring finals
Roll Over Flex For all on-campus dining options, concessions.
No laundry, bookstore items, vending machines or off-campus merchants
After last day of Spring finals
Pharos For on-campus printing. For printing only After last day of Spring finals


  • Each USD student receives $28 Pharos printing funds at the start of the Fall semester. Spring only students will receive it at the start of the spring term. Once Pharos funds run out, Coyote Cash can be used instead.
  • Funds added via eAccounts require a minimum deposit of $10.
  • When you use your funds on campus, the cash register will only display the remaining balance of your primary account. Please visit eAccounts to see the balance of your other accounts.
  • Student funds will be used in the following drain order:
  1. Flex and Carry Over Flex
  2. Add-On Flex
  3. Bonus Flex
  4. Roll Over Flex
  5. Coyote Cash
  • Funds can be loaded by cash at one of our three on-campus PHIL machines, via credit/debit card or check in the Coyote Card Offices or online through credit card via eAccounts, or on your mobile device via the Blackboard eAccounts App for Android and Apple devices.


Special Notes about Flex Dollars:

  • Students that are required to have a meal plan may purchase Add-On Flex out of pocket once they have exhausted their Meal Plan Flex dollars for the semester. Students that are not required to have a meal plan or faculty and staff may purchase Add-On Flex dollars at any time.
  • Roll Over Flex: Any Flex, Add-On Flex or Bonus Flex left  from the Fall semester will be automatically transferred into a Roll Over Flex Account during Winter break.
  • Unused Flex Dollars will be carried over from fall to spring semester only. All Flex, Add-On Flex and Bonus Flex expire after the last day of Spring finals. 
  • Don't see Add-On Flex as an option on eAccounts? Contact the Coyote Card Office at 605-658-3559 or to activate your account.
  • Students who have exhausted their current meal plan may add an extra meal plan at any point in the semester. Additional meal plans will be added to the student's bill.

The following paperwork needs to be completed to obtain a Coyote Cash refund:

  • Coyote Cash refund form (please email to or deliver to the address on the form) 
  • A W-9 must be completed to receive a Coyote Cash refund. W-9 forms must be submitted online here
    • For more information on the W-9, including paper forms and W-8 forms, please visit Financial Affairs.
  • Balances of unused Coyote Cash funds will be reconciled in accordance with USD policies.

You are responsible for protecting your Coyote Card ID and are liable for unauthorized purchases.


Change/Add/Cancel Meal Plan

If you wish to change or cancel your current meal plan, you may do so up to the specified add/drop date approximately two weeks after each semester begins. Meal plans can be added at any point in the semester. For more details, please visit Campus Dining Meal Plan. Please complete the meal plan change form located in the myUSD Portal to make any changes.

Coyote Cash Vendors

All of the following vendors accept Coyote Cash as one form of payment.

** Signifies an area that accepts only Coyote Cash payments.

On-Campus Off-Campus
  • All Campus Dining Locations
  • Charlie's
  • Dental Hygiene
  • USD Service Desk
  • Student Health
  • Campus Vending Machines
  • Campus Laundry Machines**
  • Pharos Printing Machines

Flex & Coyote Cash Dining Locations

The following locations accept both Flex and Coyote Cash for payment.

  • Residential Dining
  • Retail Marketplace
  • Erbert's & Gerbert's
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Qdoba
  • Papa John's
  • University Brew
  • Einstein Bros Bagels
  • MUC C-Store
  • Coyote Village P.O.D.
  • North Complex P.O.D.
  • DakotaDome Concessions

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