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Strategic Theme: Academic Excellence

Ensure that we offer an unsurpassed education, grounded in the Liberal Arts, for all our students.

Goal 1: Improve long-term outcomes and success of USD students as it relates to Liberal Arts

  1. Big Steps 
    1. Identify types and sources of data associated with success in the Liberal Arts
    2. Collect and analyze data on student success as it relates to Liberal Arts
    3. Communicate student success stories to internal and external stakeholders
    4. Develop plan for improving student outcomes as it relates to Liberal Arts
  2. Resources needed
    1. Technology
    2. State support
    3. Personnel
  3. Champions
    1. Assistant Provost
    2. Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
  4. Success
    1. Dissemination of data associated with outcomes and success of students as it relates to Liberal Arts.
    2. Programmatic changes based on the data
    3. Cyclical assessment of student success as it relates to the Liberal Arts

Goal 2: Align faculty teaching, research and service with the mission of the university.

  1. Big Steps
    1. Reevaluate USD’s Expectations of the Faculty documents at both the institutional and unit level to establish meaningful expectations for annual evaluations and the promotion and tenure process.
    2. Reevaluate USD’s Faculty Workload Policy documents to provide better guidance to faculty and their supervisors in the assignment of duties.
    3. Reconsider service loads by an audit of committee structure and membership.
    4. Develop structures for faculty advancement including
      1. Mentorship program
      2. Competitive fellows program with funding and training or retreat program
    5. Advocate for pre-tenure sabbatical and paid family leave
  2. Resources
    1. Time and funding to research best practices
  3. Champions
    1. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    2. Dean, School of Education
  4. Success
    1. Updated faculty expectations documents at the university and unit levels
    2. Revised workload policy documents in units across campus
    3. Increased faculty retention
    4. Disparities in service workload vs. service activities analyzed and addressed