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Strategic Theme: Community

Continue to create a supportive and welcoming environment for all.

Goal 1:Review and revise campus policies, procedures and professional development

  1. Big Steps
    1. Review current university and unit-level policies, procedures, and expectations for
      alignments with institutional goals related to creating a welcoming and supportive
      environment, and review as needed
    2. Review current professional development offerings, pursue continuous improvement,
      and extend as needed to meet our vision and values for the future
    3. Review current student, faculty and staff satisfaction and engagement surveys for their
      utility in informing campus data and collection needs
    4. Develop an inventory for staff participation in professional development
  2. Resources
    1. Opportunity Center Director
    2. Human Resources
    3. Provost Council
  3. Champions
    1. Opportunity Center Director
    2. Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
    3. Assistant Provost and Director of Assessment
  4. Success
    1. University and unit-level policies and procedures assessed and aligned with BOR policy
    2. Increased participation in professional development offerings that meet our vision and
      values for the future by faculty, staff and students
    3. Identification and adoption of an appropriate student engagement survey with the
      ability to add campus specific questions
    4. Administer climate engagement survey of students, faculty and staff at least twice
      in five years

Goal 2: Recruit and retain faculty and staff 

  1. Big Steps
    1. Review baseline profile of faculty and staff at all administrative levels
    2. Explore tools to measure job satisfaction and engagement
    3. Analyze faculty and staff turnover
    4. Improve process for administrator evaluations
    5. Create a comprehensive plan for faculty and staff recruitment
      1. Develop a plan for placing and supporting students into Ph.D. programs so they can be recruited back to campus
      2. Create dissertation fellowships in targeted areas for students from other programs to come to USD
      3. Expand benefits to increase retention
    6. Evaluate current outlets for placing job advertisements  
  2. Resources
    1. Funding
      1. Dissertation fellowships
      2. Variety of outlets
    2. Staff time
    3. Faculty professional networks
    4. Human Resources
  3. Champion
    1. Director of Human Resources Development
    2. Director of EEO and Chief Title IX Officer
  4. Success
    1. Increased recruitment and retention of faculty and staff to maintain a
      healthy turnover rate
    2. Collect, analyze and disseminate data of employee turnover
    3. Documented process of administrator evaluations
    4. Active dissertation fellowship participants
    5. Expansion of job announcements in a wider variety of outlets