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Strategic Theme: Diversity

Continue to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

Goal 1: Develop and refine new core competencies for diversity

  1. Big Steps
    1. Review and revise diversity statements for the University and all units on campus
      1. Define core competencies for diversity, recognizing these will vary across discipline/units.
      2. Review inclusive excellence statements for core competencies and consistency
    2. Review current training efforts, pursue continuous improvement, and extend trainings as needed
    3. Develop, publish and make progress on a strategic plan for diversity
  2. Resources
    1. President’s council on diversity
    2. Assistant Vice President for Diversity office time
    3. Program budget
  3. Champions
    1. Travis Letellier, Interim Assistant Vice President for Diversity
    2. Laura Renee Chandler, Director of the Center for Community and Diversity
  4. Success
    1. Improvement on diversity questions of the National Survey of Student Engagement
    2. Increased participation in training programs by faculty, staff and students
    3. Administer climate survey at least twice in five years
    4. Diversity strategic planning efforts underway

Goal 2: Recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff

  1. Big Steps
    1. Review baseline on diverse faculty and staff at all administrative levels
    2. Explore tools to measure job satisfaction and engagement
    3. Analyze faculty and staff turnover
    4. Administrator evaluations
      1. Continue to improve efforts for evaluations of administrators
      2. Develop a common diversity expectation for university leadership performance evaluations
    5. Create a comprehensive plan for recruitment of diverse faculty
      1. Develop a plan for placing and supporting students into PhD programs so they can be recruited back to campus
      2. Create dissertation fellowships in targeted areas for students from other programs to come to USD
  2. Resources
    1. Funding
      1. Dissertation fellowships
      2. Expansion of job announcements to more diverse outlets
    2. President’s Council for Diversity
    3. Staff time
    4. Faculty with scholarship in diversity related topics
    5. Human Resources
  3. Champion
    1. Travis Letellier, Interim Assistant Vice President for Diversity
    2. Jean Merkle, Director of EEO and Chief Title IX Officer
  4. Success
    1. Increased recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff
    2. Collect, analyze and disseminate data of diverse employee turnover
    3. Improved process of evaluating administrators
    4. Active dissertation fellowship participants