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Strategic Theme: Engagement

Communicate USD’s mission, vision and values with all stakeholders.

Goal 1: Engage internal stakeholders 

  1. Big Steps
    1. Each unit identifies how to align with the mission, vision and values
    2. Build an onboarding program that includes the entire campus community
      1. Design an onboarding process suitable for year-round hiring
      2. Establish 1st year faculty cohort program that includes social interaction and resource awareness training
    3. Develop greater transparency with current faculty and staff
    4. Explore/Adopt employee engagement tool for data feedback and analysis
    5. Increased student-focused marketing about USD’s values.
  2. Resources
    1. Marketing staff time
  3. Champions
    1. Chief Human Resources Officer
    2. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students
    3. Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing
  4. Success
    1. Units review and revise unit-specific mission, vision and values to align with the University.
    2. Deliver a successful onboarding program
      1. Make welcome week a shared experience for new faculty, staff and students
      2. Document enhanced communication with current faculty and staff from onboarding program
      3. Implementation of a year-round onboarding program
    3. Document, collect and act upon data related to faculty and staff satisfaction job-satisfaction, turnover and engagement
    4. Expand Coyote One Stop
    5. Establish and administer exit interviews of faculty
    6. Continuation and expansion of professional development programs

Goal 2: Engage external stakeholders

  1. Big Steps
    1. Add staff role for government relations
    2. Expand staff role for tribal outreach
    3. We are South Dakota campaign
      1. Engage with legislature on special studies to develop possible solutions
      2. Increased external marketing
    4. Add staff role for industry relations
      1. Coordination across areas of campus
    5. Increased engagement with potential students in the region.
    6. Empower current faculty, staff, and students to be ambassadors of USD’s values.
  2. Resources
    1. Staff time
    2. Budget
  3. Champions
    1. Vice President for Research
    2. Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and University Relations
  4. Success
    1. Increased engagement by faculty and students
    2. Identify current external engagement efforts and develop plan to address gaps
    3. Identify/collect/seek current needs of external stakeholders