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Strategic Theme: Facilities and Infrastructure

Modernize campus buildings and infrastructure for students, faculty and staff.

Goal 1: Renovate and modernize buildings to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff

  1. Big Steps
    1. Review previously developed master plans
    2. Determine priority for renovation or modernize
    3. Share renovation plan with stakeholders
    4. Renovate and modernize buildings
  2. Resources
    1. Updated master plan
    2. Identify funding including staff to implement
    3. Funding
  3. Champions
    1. Vice President for Finance and Administration
    2. Assistant Vice President for Research
  4. Success
    1. Modernization of historic buildings
    2. Maintenance of existing buildings
    3. Added process for campus engagement
    4. Securing matching funds for renovations

Goal 2: Invest in technology and infrastructure to realize student success, research and creative scholarship

  1. Big Steps
    1. Inventory supported software programs to look for efficiencies
    2. Conduct a gap analysis for technology needs and prioritize projects to be initiated
    3. Develop a process to collect and vet ideas for new technology related to class delivery and research/creative scholarship
  2. Resources
    1. Funding for new ideas
    2. Staff time
  3. Champions
    1. Chief Information Officer
    2. Vice President for Research
    3. Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  4. Success
    1. Create and launch a technology-projects dashboard for campus constituents
    2. Catalog age of research and creative scholarship infrastructure and propose replacement cycle
    3. Create a process for the collection of ideas and implementation of technology advancements in course delivery
    4. Technology needs addressed
    5. Additional projects funded