The process for developing USD’s next strategic plan is in full swing. In May, task force members came together for a day of training and learning exercises that will be implemented in the data-gathering process. Team member pairs were selected in a cross-silo manner so that every aspect of the university is represented and team members will work with someone they generally do not come in contact with during their day-to-day jobs.

During the two-day training, stakeholder groups were identified and assigned to task force teams. Those teams are now scheduling meetings and gathering information that will inform the plan. These meetings will continue through the start of the academic year and on-campus stakeholders will be asked to participate in sessions once USD is back in session.

We appreciate your interest and participation in the planning process. We look forward to developing a strategy that will inform the university’s decisions for the next five years.

Kathryn Birkeland, Kurt Hackemer and Adam Rosheim