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These two faculty awards are university-wide achievements. Other faculty awards are made within individual schools and colleges.

Belbas-Larson Awards for Excellence in Teaching

The Belbas-Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching is the highest honor USD bestows upon its educators. The annual award recognizes one tenured and one tenure-track faculty member at the spring commencement with a $5,000 tribute.

Research Awards

The President's Awards for Research Excellence and Innovation & Entrepreneurship recognize outstanding research achievements by our faculty. The selections are a strong endorsement of each researcher's creativity and innovation, and an honor for the university to bestow.

Lambda Chi Teaching Award

The Lambda Chi Teaching Award acknowledges excellence in teaching first-year or introductory undergraduate courses. The annual $1,500 award is bestowed on one full-time faculty member and is made possible by the men of the Lambda Chi fraternity.