A student-centered initiative of the University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business, CBC was conceived in 2020 with the purpose of assisting businesses to not only survive the pandemic, but also to remain competitive within the state of South Dakota and the wider region.

Since then, CBC has continued to grow and offer an invaluable opportunity for students, guided by faculty advisors, to solve critical challenges faced by organizations. Throughout the program’s existence, over 250 students have worked on projects for 150 businesses.

“Coyote Business Consulting continues to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical application within potential employment scenarios, constructing a pivotal stride in distinguishing our students during job interviews,” said Chelsea Limoges, director of Industry Engagement at the Beacom School of Business. “Furthermore, we are dedicated to serving the state of South Dakota by not only nurturing existing relationships with key stakeholders but also nurturing new connections with emerging stakeholders."

While open to businesses of all sizes, CBC places a particular emphasis on small businesses because of their important role in South Dakota’s economy.

“Programs like CBC position USD as a valuable resource for the growth and development of small business in the state and region,” said Timothy O’Keefe, Ph.D., dean of the Beacom School of Business. “Small businesses account for nearly 60% of the state’s workforce, and that’s why it’s critical that we play a role in helping these business flourish.”

What makes this consulting services different from others is that it is extended to small businesses at no cost. Participating students not only have the chance to receive financial support but also, more importantly, to gain hands-on, real-world experience. Given the ever-changing nature of the business landscape, the program is designed to adapt continuously to meet evolving needs.

This semester, the USD Beacom School of Business is meeting those evolving needs by developing collaborations across campus. Students from the Department of Computer Science and the College of Fine Arts will now partner with business students to work on projects with more specific scopes, such as application programming interface (API) governance, website design, logo creation and more.

“These collaborations present an excellent opportunity to offer students experiences beyond the classroom and leverage the unique strengths of students in each discipline,” said Liz Manser Payne, DBA, co-chair of CBC. “In this collaborative environment, students will take on roles as both learners and educators, enriching each other's knowledge and skills."

“We eagerly anticipate the expansion of these partnerships throughout campus, and we’re excited to see how we can get other departments and colleges involved in this program,” added Tyler Custis, J.D., co-chair of CBC. “These partnerships are preparing our students to be successful in the collaborative nature of the business landscape today.”

This cohort, 38 students will participate in the CBC program, consulting on 18 projects for businesses in 10 South Dakota communities.

The businesses participating in CBC this fall include the following.

  • Music Therapy Empowers
  • Visit Rapid City
  • Pinehaven Venue and Lodging
  • Upframe Creative
  • North Prairie Butchery
  • XIX Brewing
  • Greater Huron Development
  • Biggin Cattle Company
  • Shafer Memorial
  • CIK
  • Maguire Iron
  • Stern Oil
  • Startup Sioux Falls
  • Premier Bankcard
  • SD CEO

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