Coyote Business Consulting

Coyote Business Consulting Group is a student-centered initiative at the USD Beacom School of Business designed to help businesses stay competitive in the state of South Dakota and throughout the region. The program enables student-teams, with the guidance of faculty advisors, to help businesses solve a critical problem for their organization.


The Beacom School of Business at the University of South Dakota is excited to offer free business consulting services for South Dakota business organizations.  Coyote Business Consulting (CBC) is designed to promote business success, and we want you to be involved! Under the guidance of faculty advisors and direction by the non-profit client, USD business student teams work to solve critical problems of their clients.  CBC teams work on specific problems that are identified by the client.

Coyote Business Consulting is intended to be mutually beneficial for both the students and your business. Consulting services are offered at no charge to organization, and students will have the opportunity to receive academic credits, financial support, and real-world experience. CBC projects are now offered in both the Fall Spring semesters and run approximately 10 weeks.

How to get involved in the Spring 2023 program:

  • You will need to complete Project Proposal Application outlining the scope of their project by Monday December 19, 2022. Proposals may focus on any business need (Examples - not a complete list: Marketing plans, e-commerce recommendations/solutions, product development cost life cycle analysis, target market analysis, human resource management plans, job descriptions, emergency preparedness plans, supply chain management strategies, financial strategies, survey development). 
  • A select number of projects will be chosen, and organizations will be notified of their acceptance into the program before Friday, January 14, 2022.
  • Organizations will be paired with student consulting teams and faculty advisors.
  • The projects should take 10 weeks and will be completed near the end of April.

This program will be available to all businesses.  To learn more about the program or to submit a project proposal form, visit Coyote Business Consulting for more information. Please reach out to CBC team at with any questions you may have.


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