Coyote Business Consulting

Coyote Business Consulting Group is a student-centered initiative at the USD Beacom School of Business designed to help businesses stay competitive in the state of South Dakota and throughout the region. The program enables student-teams, with the guidance of faculty advisors, to help businesses solve a critical problem for their organization.

Coyote Business Consulting Group was launched in 2020 during the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative was designed to help businesses that were often struggling to stay afloat as well as college students who were missing out on crucial opportunities to gain real-world experiences as their internships and summer jobs are getting delayed and cancelled. The initial program paired 52 students with 13 faculty advisors to work on 26 business projects over a two month engagement. The initial program was incredibly successful and drove the decision to make Coyote Business Consulting Group an ongoing program.

Coyote Business Consulting Group is intended to be mutually beneficial for both the students and the businesses. The consulting service will be offered at no charge to businesses and students will have the opportunity to receive academic credits, financial support, and real-world experience. This program is available to all businesses, but a special emphasis will be placed on small businesses, as they are the backbone of the economy.


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