The faculty-led Global Immersion Program took 12 undergraduate and eight graduate students to Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, where they learned about the Southeast Asian economy, forecasting development and trends, cross-cultural marketing, food security and innovative directions in agriculture, and navigating the dynamic transport and logistic landscape.

“The world of business goes beyond the Midwest and the United States, and because the opportunity for travel isn’t always an option for many of our students, the Beacom School of Business feels a commitment to our students to create a portal to a global experience,” said Carly Heard, director of Beacom Student Services and program staff. “The Global Immersion Program offers our students the chance to see the world outside the classroom and connect their education to real-life experiences.”

In addition to Heard, Carole South-Winter, Ed.D., program faculty advisor and associate professor, Yewmun Yip, Ph.D., professor emeritus of accounting & finance, and Ryan Taylor, J.D., member of the USD Foundation Board of Directors, guided students through the nearly two-week program.

Jaslee Kerner, a rising senior majoring in health services administration, was one of the students who took part in the Global Immersion Program and said that the experience opened her eyes and helped prepare her for her future in business.

“Not only did this program increase my knowledge of international business and further develop my personal and professional skills, but it also provided me the opportunity to explore and learn about three countries that are very different from the United States,” Kerner said. “It made me more aware of cultural differences and how these aspects can impact the workplace.”

Charles Dolan, a graduate student pursuing his Ph.D. in health sciences, said that the Global Immersion Program will have a lasting impact on him as he pursues a career in health care.

“This was a life-changing experience that has changed me as a leader in health care and as a person,” Dolan said. “This experience will continue to push me as a health care leader to take best practices from around the world and use them to make long-lasting change in American health care.”

The Global Immersion Program was one of two initiatives highlighted by the Beacom School of Business during USD's annual fundraiser, Unite for USD. A record-breaking year in both dollars raised and number of donors helped this program be successful.

Learn more about the Beacom School of Business Global Immersion Program.

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