“To the best of my understanding, this marks the first instance where an M.S. student has co-authored a book on AI in the state of South Dakota,” said Santosh. “This accomplishment serves as evidence that USD computer science stands out as an exceptional environment, and we are proudly pioneering AI programs within the state of South Dakota.”

The book, titled “AI, Ethical Issues and Explainability—Applied Biometrics,” contributes to addressing global security challenges by exploring the use of biometrics and provides valuable insights into the urgent need of comprehending and disrupting illicit economies.

“This book serves as an invaluable resource for both researchers and practitioners in academia and industry, providing a comprehensive reference guide,” said Santosh. “Readers will gain awareness regarding the proper utilization of data in developing AI models, and the book highlights the significance of the AI model life cycle, shifting the focus beyond its mere construction to encompass crucial considerations.”

Santosh and Wall began writing the book in fall 2021 and published it in fall 2022.

“The biggest lesson I learned was to find the people who you trust and learn from them,” Wall said. “KC gave me room to improve myself. He typically gives you a direction and lets you find the destination in your own way."

Wall earned his Master of Science in computer science at USD in 2022 and is now working as a research engineer on historical document image analysis at La Rochelle Université in France with plans to begin his Ph.D. soon.

“Some advice I have for current students is that if you have the chance to begin research in your field, begin as soon as possible,” Wall said. “Even if you find out research is not for you, it will teach you the skills to find your own path in the field you want to be in, give you a sense of the culture and broaden your horizons.”

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