Named in honor of the first female graduate of the law school in 1907, the annual Marjorie Breeden Society Brunch seeks to connect students with alumnae who have paved the way for women in legal careers and demonstrate the law school’s values of excellence, service and leadership. This year’s event was held in the Dome Club before the USD women’s basketball game against Kansas City on Jan. 27.

Jessa Howes, a second-year law student, attended the event and said it was a great opportunity to engage in spontaneous conversations with attorneys across the state and beyond, as well as connect further with upperclassmen at the law school.

“Third-year students shared what they have planned after graduation and attorneys reminisced about their first jobs out of law school,” recalled Howes. “This type of informal mentorship is invaluable during the transition from student to practitioner. This allowed for conversations ranging from the possibility of law students serving as Girls State mentors to how a recent graduate found work/life balance in a rural community. 

“In a few months, several members of the Marjorie Breeden Society will graduate, and they will have the opportunity to return to future events as attorneys, completing this valuable cycle of growth and support,” she continued. “While the graduating students will be missed, they will certainly return, along with other esteemed alumnae, to continue the legacy of Marjorie Breeden."

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