Gosch, who was born during her parents’ third year in law school, said, “It’s been a full-circle moment to come back and study law at the same school both of my parents attended.”

Witnessing her parents help others through their legal careers, Gosch felt inspired to become a lawyer, too.

“I grew up always surrounded by the law and spent quite a bit of time sitting around in law offices and courtrooms,” said Gosch. “In their individual ways, both of my parents help people in their day jobs, and I think that was a main driving force in my decision to pursue a similar career.”

From Billings, Montana, Gosch received her Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Virginia in 2021. During her three years at the Knudson School of Law, Gosch was involved in several law school organizations. In her first year, she worked on cases with East River Legal Services through the R.D. Hurd Volunteer Society. She’s also been involved with the “South Dakota Law Review,” serving as a staff writer and an articles editor for the student-led legal journal.

“Law Review has provided me with additional help on my research and writing skills and as boring as it might sound, it has taught me a great deal about Bluebook citation form, which is an important skill to have,” Gosch said. “I’ve also been fortunate enough to have one of my papers selected to be published with the ‘South Dakota Law Review’ during my second year.”

In addition to student organizations, Gosch also strengthened her professional skills through internship and externship experiences. The summer following her first year, Gosch interned with U.S. District Judge Karen E. Schreier. This role allowed Gosch to draft judicial opinions for cases and sit in on trials. During her third year, she externed with Justice Janine Kern on the South Dakota Supreme Court, where she read case files and helped draft bench memoranda.

“These experiences were vital in helping me learn more about the law, particularly from the judicial side of things,” said Gosch.

Gosch plans to take the South Dakota bar exam in July and will clerk under Schreier for the District of South Dakota in Sioux Falls for the next two years.

“I am interested in potentially pursuing a career in criminal or family law,” said Gosch. “Regardless of the area of law I may practice in, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help people in my role as an attorney.”

We asked Gosch about her time at the state’s only law school, and this is what she had to say.

What was the most valuable skill you learned in law school that you’ll take into your career?

Time management. Law school really puts the onus on you to have a set schedule and plan when certain things need to be done because it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the deadlines set by classes and other extracurricular activities. Law school has also taught me the importance of setting time aside to take a break and relax.  

What is your favorite thing about the Vermillion community?

I love the small-town, college vibe of Vermillion. It’s great to have the opportunity to go to a smaller school and really get to know your classmates and the faculty. It is also very easy to become part of the community because it is so welcoming and has many opportunities to get involved.

What reflections do you have on your experience in law school?

Law school can be very overwhelming in trying to balance all of the tasks that classes and life throw at you, but it really is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Law school has allowed me to meet a lot of great people and has taught me a lot about myself as well. Creating that support system with other law students, who are going through very similar experiences, has been a great way for me to deal with some of the challenges of law school, and I hope that many of the connections I’ve made during law school continue to be lifelong friendships.

How did you help manage the stress of law school?

Reading and exercising were great stress relievers for me during law school. My exercise accountability partner and I attended weekly body pump classes at the USD Wellness Center. I was also part of a book club with other law students, which served as a great way to get together and talk about something not related to law school. I also love reading a variety of books, but some of my favorite novels are mystery/thrillers.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering law school?

Law school can be a great decision for someone who is looking to further their education and potentially enter a career where you can interact with people on a day-to-day basis. For someone looking to go to law school, I would say that they should be prepared to do the work and be willing to put in the time necessary to succeed. Being prepared is the best way to create success for yourself in law school. 

Who or what makes a good lawyer?

Someone who is willing to listen and be a positive change in someone’s life is the type of individual who makes a good lawyer. Typically, people don’t seek out attorneys because they are going through a great time in their lives, so being that positive force that can help someone through a trying time is one of the best roles a lawyer can fulfill.

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