The Immigration Clinic, led by Joy Moore, visiting instructor of legal writing, is an initiative to help applicants overcome obstacles to U.S. citizenship.

"Immigrants face a mountain of difficult realities. One particular harmful reality is when an immigrant receives incorrect information about immigration laws," said Moore. "At the clinic, we were able to thoroughly interview potential clients who will receive the most up-to-date legal advice from our partners and can either apply for immigration benefits or at least have the knowledge that there is no current legal path forward."

The majority of those who were assisted were seeking advice to see if they had pathways to adjusting their residence status.

At the clinic, Moore and six USD law students welcomed community members from the Sioux City area who had immigration concerns. Students who participated already completed the Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy course at the law school and received specific training on client interviewing from Vongsiprasom.

Second-year law student Angelica Cruz participated in the Immigration Clinic and said she felt fulfilled afterwards.

“I felt that I was helping my community and putting the knowledge and the skills I have acquired thus far to good use,” Cruz said. “I was honored that I was able to listen to their stories and be a small part of their journey.”

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