BCBAs® are key interdisciplinary members who work alongside educators or other related health providers. They are trained in applied behavior analysis and provide systematic, evidence-based services to promote socially significant skill acquisition and address behaviors that interfere with successful functioning.

As a two-year graduate-level program, seven BCBA certificate courses are offered sequentially, one per semester; and in response to demand, is now offered primarily online. “These courses are geared toward practicing professionals and current graduate-level students,” said Ryan Groeneweg, USD BCBA program director. “The online and hybrid delivery method makes it possible for them to stack our courses alongside their program of study.”

The USD BCBA program establishes a pathway for professionals or graduate students and prepares them for careers in educational or behavioral health settings, supporting individuals of all ages. “Students can designate areas of specialty work such as autism, developmental disabilities support, educational settings and diagnostic or treatment clinics,” explained Ryan Groeneweg, USD BCBA program director. “Some other niche areas include parent and caregiver training, organizational behavior management, sports and fitness and brain injury rehabilitation.”

According to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), the demand for behavior analysts is increasing. Over the past 12 years, demand for those holding BCBA or BCBA-D certification has increased by 7,196%.

“This program will fill a major gap in care in our state,” said Groeneweg. “Developmental disabilities continue to rise and there are not enough professionals available to serve them. The evidence-based treatments that improve outcomes for those individuals throughout their lives is rooted in the science our BCBA certificate program supports."

For more information, visit usd.edu/Academics/Graduate-Programs/Board-Certified-Behavior-Analyst

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