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Finish in Four

Save money and jumpstart your career by finishing in four years.

You want to get a high-quality education and move on to the next step in life, whether that's graduate school or a new career. We want to help you get there.

By enrolling in at least 15 credit hours and graduating in four years instead of five, you'll:

  • Save up to $61,000 in attendance fees and potential income
  • Be one year closer to career advancements

We offer a variety of resources to help you finish your education in four years, including:

  • Mandatory advising sessions for all students to make sure you choose the right 15 credits each semester
  • Knowledgeable advisors who make sure you complete college-level English and math requirements within the first 30 credit hours
  • Semester-by-semester four-year plan for all majors

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