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We offer resources to assist you when working with students. Our advisors are available via appointments and select walk-in hours to assist students with academic and career related issues. Our office can assist students to be academically successful through tutoring and other academic support programs, as well as by connecting them to appropriate resources. In addition, we can help students to identify their interests, values, skills, and personality; explore majors and careers; and assist with all areas of the job or internship search process. We are also available to help students with the process of applying to graduate or professional programs. We also hope you will encourage students to attend the various career-related events and workshops that we offer each semester.

If you have an opening for a student worker in your office, we encourage you to advertise the position on Coyote Careers.

Don’t Cancel Class!

Need to be out of town on a class day? Don’t cancel class--let us help. Our staff is available to cover the class for you with a presentation on topics such as an overview of our services, networking, job/internship search strategies, resume/cover letter writing, interviewing, applying to professional/graduate school, learning styles/study strategies, or another program tailored to your needs. Whether you would like us to fill five minutes or 75 minutes, we can help. Please note that we do require at least 24 hours notice to prepare a presentation.

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Resources for Faculty and Staff