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The Campus Alert system is an emergency notification tool for the public universities governed by the SD Board of Regents. This system uses the Everbridge platform to help us notify students, staff, and faculty of emergencies that occur on or near campus locations. Emergencies may include, but not be limited to, weather alerts, school closings, fire or criminal activity.

Students are automatically a part of this system through their campus-assigned email address. An email is also sent to the campus-assigned email account with information about how to log in and change contact preferences for the alert system. By logging in and registering, you may opt to register your personal telephone numbers, personal email addresses, or other personal electronic devices to receive these Campus Alerts. It is recommended that you at least assign your Mobile Phone as a secondary contact. In that case you would receive an email to your USD email account and a phone call with a recorded message to your Mobile Phone.

Staff and faculty are also automatically included in this alert system with their campus-assigned email address. Staff and faculty are required to register and add any campus-provided phone numbers (desk, cellular). Inclusion of personal contact information such as home telephone or personal cellular phone is encouraged, but not required.

Logging In

Notification Options:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Second Mobile Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Business Phone
  • Campus Assigned Email
  • Secondary Email
  • SMS (text message sent to mobile phone)
  • Instant Messaging

You will be able to assign priorities to each of the above contact options. In the event of an emergency, your priority one contact will be notified first, followed by your second, and so on. Once you receive a message from the emergency system you will be asked to reply to the message to confirm that you received it. If you do not confirm you will continue to be contacted at the numbers and addresses that you set up when you registered over and over again until you confirm.

Note that once you confirm you may still get a few more emails or phone calls. The system will take a few minutes to catch up and acknowledge your confirmation and until then, the system will keep contacting you with the emergency notifications.

The administrator of the USD Campus Alert System is Student Services (