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Residential students and guests wishing to store firearms who do not have a personal vehicle in which to do so, or who wish to store in an alternate location from their vehicle, may store their firearm at the University Police Department storage facility at no charge. Storage at UPD offers security advantages, such as secured and locked storage, and UPD personnel’s expertise and training in safe firearm handling.

UPD will provide storage of firearms belonging to USD students. For the safety of the property, students and UPD Staff the following procedures will be implemented:

  1. Firearms may be checked in/out at anytime. Students and guests are required to call UPD (658-6199) prior to their arrival to ensure a certified officer is available to assist them.
  2. All students checking firearms in/out must have their USD Student ID. Guests must have a valid government issued photo ID. When checking firearms out, students or guests must also have the "Weapon Storage Card" that they received when they initially checked in their firearm.
  3. Firearms to be stored must be in a soft case or sock, (no hard cases) and have a trigger lock attached.
  4. Firearms without a trigger lock attached will not be accepted.
  5. Loaded firearms will not be accepted.
  6. All firearms to be stored will be checked through NCIC. If the firearm is discovered to be stolen UPD Officers will place the firearm into evidence and may not release the  firearm until the conclusion of an appropriate investigation.
  7. No firearm will be released to individuals displaying signs of impairment