What is Dual Credit?

A dual credit course is a college course taken by a high school student for which the student earns both college and high school credit at the same time. By participating in the dual credit program, it enables students to make substantial progress toward their college degree before finishing high school.

BADM 193: Business Simulation Game and Career Exploration

Course Title:BADM 193: Business Simulation Game and Career Exploration
Course Dates: August 21 – December 13, 2017
Syllabus (subject to change)
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Textbook Requirement: No textbook required
Each student will need to purchase access to Cesim Simulation Game. The cost is $39.99 and the instructor code is COYOTE.
Cesim Simulation. The course code for this game is COYOTE.
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Course Description:

This course uses an entrepreneurial simulation exposing students to the areas of business. Students will experience firsthand the interconnectedness of all areas of business. In addition, students will be introduced to potential careers in business.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a holistic view of business operations including accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, marketing, capacity management, service quality and business law.
  • Develop the understanding and command of business fundamentals, market-driven decision-making practices and financial implications of the various operational and marketing decisions.
  • Gain invaluable experience in problem solving, decision making under constraints, creative thinking, and effective communication.
  • Explore a variety of business careers.

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