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Congratulations! At the University of South Dakota, we are proud to provide the scholarship support outlined in your letter. To help us recognize your accomplishments, please submit it the following form.

All University of South Dakota students who accept scholarship assistance and awards are asked to release personal directory and educational information. Such information could include your intended major, hometown and information related to the scholarship(s) received.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires student consent to disclose personal and educational information. In order to provide your hometown newspaper the required information to publicize your award, we are asking that you agree to the terms of this Scholarship Information Release.

By checking YES, I authorize the University of South Dakota to use my name, directory information and photograph for publicity purposes in a manner consistent with USD policies. This consent will remain in effect until revoked in writing or by electronic authorization.
If "Yes", please email a current head shot to or update at a later date.

Complete this form by emailing your photo to