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Montana students can receive in-state rate tuition at the University of South Dakota

At the University of South Dakota, we're offering in-state tuition to new Montana freshmen and new Montana-resident transfers. You can get that out-of-state college experience you're looking for with an in-state price you can afford. In fact, you'll probably pay less at USD as an out-of-state student than you would as an in-state student at a Montana university.

Affordable in-state tuition. Scholarship opportunities. And we're just down the road.

We are the University of South Dakota.

In-state rates for new undergraduate Montana students beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year.

SD & Montana Residents 2019-20 costs*
Tuition & Fees (30 hours) $9,331.50
Books (estimate) 1,200.00
Housing** 4,280.00
Food Service** 3,751.00
Total* $18,562.50

* University of South Dakota tuition and fees are paid at the beginning of each semester and may change over the course of the year.

**Housing based on traditional-style residence hall. Food service rates shown represent the meal plan commonly assigned to incoming students. Various meal plans are available.

We know you have your choice of many great colleges and universities in Montana. So compare the costs, visit the campus and begin your out-of-state experience at the University of South Dakota.

Welcome to USD.