Applicant Information
Demographic Information
Academic Information
Eligibility for Program
If your answer to both questions is “No,” you are not eligible for TRiO Student Support Services. We encourage you to contact our office to see if we can help you locate other academic services.
Disability Eligibility
Upon acceptance into the program, you will be required to provide documentation of your disability.
Income Verification

All applicants are required to submit income eligibility documentation regardless of whether the applicant will qualify under this category. This application is not complete until income documentation is submitted to the TRiO Student Support Services office.

Dependent students are required to submit:

  • A signed copy of their parent(s) or guardian(s) federal income tax form from the previous calendar year.
  • Or
  • A copy of their Student Aid Report from

Independent students are required to submit:

  • A signed copy of the previous calendar year's federal income tax form
  • A copy of their Student Aid Report from

I have read and understand the income verification requirements.
Additional Information
Photo Release
Periodically, TRiO Student Support Services will use pictures of student participants in printed materials, the program website and related media. Such pictures are used for the purposes of recognizing student accomplishments, documenting program events and/or publicizing the program. In giving this approval, I relinquish all rights to any advertising and/or marketing materials that may be produced containing my photograph.I further give permission for TRiO SSS to include my name in such publications.
I affirm that the information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also give permission for the program staff to receive my transcripts, grade, financial data, recommendations and evaluations in order to fulfill the requirements of the TRiO Student Support Services program at USD.