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Students do not apply for these awards but are selected by the Biology Department Scholarship and Graduate Steering Committees.

Louella E. Cable Memorial Scholarship

This award is for students majoring in biology, with preference given in the field of zoology. Recipients may be undergraduate, graduate, doctoral or post-doctoral students.

Edward P. and Nellie Churchill Awards

These awards are given to students majoring in biology at USD.

Department of Biology Scholarship

This scholarship is for students enrolled in or accepted by the Department of Biology. First preference is given to support the USD Scholars program.

Bruce and Ila Lushbough Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students pursuing their Bachelor of Science in medical biology.

Gladys Ripper Scholarship

This scholarship is for undergraduate students with a major in biology. First consideration will be given to students in the USD Scholars program.

Scholars in Medical Biology Scholarship

Junior or senior students majoring in medical biology will be considered for this scholarship.

Webster Sill Memorial Scholarship

This annual scholarship honors the achievements of an undergraduate or graduate biology major who intends to pursue graduate training and a career in the biological sciences.

Lucile B. Wendt Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for an upper-division microbiology major, preferably female, who has an excellent scholastic record, is an independent thinker and plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career in science.

Graduate student travel funds are awarded annually in the spring after a call for applications is made. Other support regularly available includes undergraduate research assistantships and research supply money.

Freshman Scholarships

For freshman scholarships, see Financial Aid.

All programs, policies and procedures described are subject to change. All statements in this publication concerning requirements, dollar amounts, conditions or other matters are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.