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The Department of Chemistry aims to grow the interest and inquisitive nature of students while developing competency in the field of chemistry. Our faculty are internationally recognized scholars and continually update and improve their knowledge and skills as chemists. Since chemistry is quite literally all around us, it is not only important to study chemistry from an intellectual standpoint, it is a useful basis for making decisions as consumers, business people and policy makers.

With chemistry majors, we aim to develop relevant skills so that our graduates are highly marketable in the job-force. We regularly update the curriculum to meet the rigorous standards of the American Chemical Society and industry expectations. Students are also encouraged to work with faculty on independent research projects. Our faculty are engaged in creative, energetic, high-impact research projects through which we peer deeply into new questions involving the chemical sciences. Graduates of our programs are well prepared to meet the needs of their chosen profession, whether entering industry, professional school or advanced graduate chemistry programs.