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Catherine Foy

Catherine Foy is one of many individuals with a cochlear implant served by the USD Speech and Hearing Clinic. For Catherine, and all of the individuals served by our clinic, we strive to provide the highest level of care. In this specific case, we were able to provide the highest level of care through securing insurance funding for an updated speech processor (external part of the cochlear implant). Catherine first received her cochlear implant at age two but she was still utilizing the external speech processor that she received at that time, she is now 15. Catherine was due for an upgrade as the technology had greatly improved since the time she was implanted. In order to provide Catherine with an updated speech processor, we needed to obtain prior authorization for the upgrade from her insurance carrier. Given the insurance carrier, provision of an updated processor was not highly likely. As such, Catherine’s parents prepared her to not expect the upgrade. Receiving the prior authorization was difficult at best, but our clinic worked closely with Catherine's insurance carrier, calling every day to provide information, answer questions and strive to push the authorization forward.

Our efforts were successful and when we received insurance approval for the purchased of the new speech processor the Foy family was ecstatic. On Thursday July 10th, Catherine and her father Jerry came to the USD Speech and Hearing Clinic to have her new processor programmed. Catherine was so excited, she couldn’t sit still, the most exciting feature was the ability to stream music from her phone to her cochlear implant speech processor! Catherine was thrilled by the opportunities this feature would create. They brought Jessica J. Messersmith, Ph.D., an ice cream cake as a thank you. They also thanked the students and staff for working at making this happen quickly.

Both Messersmith and Jessica Malepsy (Au.D. student in picture) told the Foy’s, “you are welcome, but we are just doing our job.”

Jerry, Catherine's dad, said to them, “You know, some people do their job, some do it great, but you all here, you are excellent!”