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An estimated 42 million Americans have some sort of communication disorder that makes simple tasks frustrating or even impossible.

Our programs will prepare you for professions in which you will evaluate, diagnose and assist in the rehabilitation of individuals with speech and hearing impairments. The speech-language pathology program deals with speech, language and swallowing disorders. The audiology program deals mainly with auditory and balance disorders.

Our faculty are members of the Center for Brain and Behavior Research, promoting innovative basic to translational research that addresses problems in neurology, neuropsychology and psychiatry.

Strategic Plans

We have developed a strategic plan, which focuses on the five primary goals and strategic issues identified as priorities by the University of South Dakota:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Research and Creative Activity
  • Enrollment Management
  • Institutional Positioning
  • Funding and Resource Development

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is to prepare forward-thinking professionals in the discipline of speech, language and hearing who promote the highest standards of professional conduct in a variety of clinical settings. Therefore, a primary goal of the department is to develop critical thinkers who are able to evaluate and apply existing and future information, methodologies and technologies so as to meet the needs of individuals with communicative disorders in a rapidly changing world. Specifically, we offer a preprofessional undergraduate degree program that is a blend of a liberal arts foundation and a general core curriculum in basic communication sciences and disorders of communication.

In addition, we provide graduate education in audiology and speech-language pathology sufficient to qualify students for entry into the professions who are academically, clinically and ethically prepared professionals. We also are committed to providing clinical services to the public in conjunction with the clinical education of our students.