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Opportunities in computer-related employment are numerous at USD and in the surrounding community.

  • We offer technology and research fellowships to qualified students.
  • USD's IT department hires students to work in various divisions, including campus networking.
  • Many academic departments use our students to develop and maintain webpages.

Some of the areas that attract our students are software development, database development and management, networking and IT management. Also, our graduates go on to do advanced graduate work here or other universities around the country.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for computer scientists to increase as organizations continue to adopt increasingly sophisticated technologies.

Here is the predicted increase in various job categories in the next seven years:

  • Information Security Analyst - up 37 percent
  • Computer System Analyst - up 25 percent
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator - up 12 percent
  • Software Developer - up 22 percent