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From personal finances to medical diagnostics, communications to environmental modeling; facets of computer science influence nearly every aspect and are an integral part of our lives today.

New technologies, such as manycore processors, mobile computing and cloud computing are reshaping the landscape of computing, and new challenges are emerging as computer science becomes increasingly multidisciplinary.

The Department of Computer Science has forged a path of innovative information technology teaching and research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our program focuses on the theory and practice of computer science and explores new and exciting technologies that push the limits of high-performance computing.

Our department is big enough to provide a very competitive program, but small enough for students to have easy access to the faculty.

We Participate In

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  1. Prepare broadly-educated professionals in the rapidly evolving computing disciplines who think critically and serve the global community through investigation, collaboration and innovation.
  2. Contribute to the design, implementation and protection of the international cyber infrastructure.
  3. Foster the intellectual, technological and economic vitality of the region, the state and the nation through teaching, research and outreach.
  4. Provide support for education in computing for programs across the university.
  5. Inspire in our students a sense of excellence, ethics, integrity, leadership and service.