Dorothy S. Schieffer Political Science Scholarship

The Dorothy S. Schieffer Scholarship is awarded to full-time students who major or minor in political science. Preference is given to non-traditional students with clear financial need. Valued at up to the cost of full tuition, fees, books, room and board for up to four years of full-time study . At least one international travel or study abroad experience and a working internship or service opportunity may be included after consultation with faculty advisor and non-faculty mentor. Recipients must maintain a minimum 3.7 grade point average each semester and must maintain a workload allowing for prompt graduation.

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Spader Scholarship Endowment

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide scholarship support to students, within the criminal justice program who demonstrate strong motivation, sufficient merit and a financial need for scholarship funds.

Selection Criteria
This endowment shall provide undergraduate scholarships for students who are accepted as majors by or enrolled in the criminal justice program and meet all USD requirements to be students in good standing. A student who is a recipient one year is eligible for consideration in any other year, provided they continue to meet the selection criteria. Selection criteria include:

  • Recipient(s) will have graduated from a high school in the state of South Dakota or a high school within 100 miles of Vermillion, South Dakota.
  • Recipient(s) will have financial need, with a preference for sophomores, juniors and seniors who demonstrate a capacity for hard work, determination and strong motivation to succeed in their studies and a career in the field of criminal justice.
  • Recipients(s) will be in the top 50% of their criminal justice major.

South Dakota Municipal League Scholarship

Awarded to sophomore or junior with an aptitude for, and interest in, local government.

Blair Tremere Scholarships

Available to undergraduates who show promise and responsibility as well as an interest in public service.

Freshman Scholarships

For freshman scholarships, see Financial Aid.


Donald W. Beaty Award

Awarded to a self-supporting major, resident of South Dakota, with special interests in the State of South Dakota.

Philo Sherman Bennett Prize

Given for the best essay dealing with the principles of free government.

Dillon Awards

Available to incoming freshmen.

Dillon Outstanding Senior Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior criminal justice major based on overall performance and potential.

Mary B. Edelen Student Intern Award

Given to a student intern who has demonstrated a capacity for and interest in working with our political system.

Faculty Appreciation Award

Given to a student whose contributions most helped the department.

Robert Falk Award

Available to a sophomore or junior South Dakota resident with an interest in state and local government and with leadership potential.

Farber Fund Awards

Available to incoming freshmen.

Farber Fund Writing Awards

Available to seniors for outstanding papers at least 20 pages.

Philip T. Roche Service to Others Award

Awarded to a criminal justice or political science major who has a sense of community service and a desire to help others.

Frank L. "Jeff" Scott Memorial Award

Given to a criminal justice major who has at least a 3.0 GPA and financial need.

South Dakota Fraternal Order of Police Awards

Given to criminal justice majors to promote the study of, and careers in, criminal justice.

South Dakota Sheriffs' Association Awards

Given to criminal justice majors from South Dakota seeking a career in law enforcement.