Missouri River Institute

The Missouri River Institute develops and promotes research, education and public awareness related to the natural and cultural resources of the Missouri River basin. The institute's work is crucial, as the Missouri River system faces increasing demand on its resources. Earth sciences faculty participate in teaching and research as a part of the Missouri River Institute.

South Dakota Planetary Exploration Education Center

Initiated with funding from the NASA South Dakota Space Grant Consortium, the South Dakota Planetary Exploration Education Center (SD-PEEC) develops educational programming (K-12 and higher education) that highlights the role of planetary geology in NASA’s exploration programs. After all, the Mars rovers are really robotic geologists! For more information about SD-PEEC activities email Brennan.Jordan@usd.edu.

Sustainability Program

Earth sciences faculty members are integrally involved in the interdisciplinary sustainability program. Sustainability makes a good minor or double-major for Earth sciences majors, with earth sciences providing a foundation in the well established field of geology, and sustainability offering exciting applications in a new and quickly developing field.