Student Research Projects

Elizabeth Arnason (M.S. Thesis 2017)
Faculty Advisor: Jose Flores
“Matrix population models in conservation and ecotoxicology”

Jessie M. Byrnes (M.S. Thesis 2017)
Faculty Advisor: Yuhlong Lio
“Stress-Strength Inference for Burr Type XII Distribution Based on Progressively First Failure-Censored Samples”

Carrie Wintle (Honors Thesis 2017)
Faculty Advisor: Dan Van Peursem
“Mathematical Modeling in Cheerleading”

Nicholas Britten (M.S. Thesis 2018)
Faculty Advisor: Catalin Georgescu
“Addition Property of Algebraic Entropy: Some Noncommutative Cases”

Michaella Crouch (Honors Thesis 2018)
Faculty Advisor: Jose Flores
“Mathematical Model on Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever”

Paul May (M.S. Thesis 2018)
Faculty Advisor: Catalin Georgescu
“Diffeomorphisms on S1 with a Nontrivial Centralizer”