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ROTC Our Philosophy

Military Science and the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) are on campus to motivate and train you to become a leader in the United States Army, or for any profession. Qualified students earn federal commissions while you earn your bachelor's degree by taking military science courses, completing a 30-day Cadet Summer Training Camp and maintaining established standards in ethics, academics, physical fitness and citizenship.

In some degree programs, Military Science courses can be used to fulfill social science or elective credit requirements. Any student with at least four semesters of school remaining is eligible to apply.

We offer a multitude of opportunities beyond the required classroom instruction and it is these "extra" opportunities that most cadets enjoy the most.

ROTC Opportunities

  • Compete to attend Airborne or Air Assault Schools.
  • Problem-solving in the Leader's Reaction Course.
  • Presenting the colors as part of the USD ROTC Color Guard.
  • Taking the combat water survival test.
  • Competing with the Ranger Challenge Team.
  • Applying tactics learned at a field training exercise.
  • Participate in the Study Abroad program.
  • Other Army Schools