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ROTC Program Options

Minor in Military Science

To receive a minor in military science students must successfully complete MSL 101/102/201/202/301/302/401/402.

Students can receive MSL101/102/201/202 credit if they attend Basic Camp or Basic Combat Training. 


In order to sign a contract to enroll in ROTC, Students must:

  • Have a Cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.
  • Pass the Army height/weight standards.
  • Have a qualified physical from DODMERB or MEPS.
  • Pass a criminal background investigation.
  • Complete the basic course requirements. 

The contract allows cadets to enroll in MSL 301/302/401/402 classes. Upon signing the contract, the Army expects Cadets to graduate and become an Officer in the Army.

Commission Requirements

In order to commission as a 2nd Lt., Cadets must complete the following requirements.

  • All classes to receive the Minor in Military Science.
  • American Military History. Complete one semester of American military history. If American Military History is not available, contact the PMS for a list of other options.
  • Water Training/Swimming. Prior to attendance at Cadet Summer Training, all cadets must pass a swimming diagnostic test consisting of a 10-minute swim using one of four strokes (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, or sidestroke) and tread water for 5 minutes.
  • Combat Water Survival Test (CWST). Before attendance to Cadet Summer Training, cadets must complete the CWST consisting of a 15 meter swim in uniform, shoes, load bearing equipment, and weapon; 3 meter jump/drop from a diving board blindfolded with weapon and LBE; and equipment removal after entering the water.
  • Battlefield Tour. The battlefield tour will either be completed as a field trip or virtually. This tour will include a discussion of the strategic and operational context of the battle while also focusing on tactics. This is a one day event, typically in Feb. each year.
  • Physical Training. Cadets are required to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test once a semester.
  • Pass a Urinalysis.
  • Obtain a Security Clearance.
  • Graduate Advance Camp.
  • Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree.

Nursing Career

Through partnership agreements with various local colleges, students enrolled in a nursing curriculum can participate in ROTC sponsored by USD.

Full tuition four-year scholarships are available to students pursuing a BSN through: