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Postdoctoral Scholar 

Hao Mei
Patterson Hall 101
Projects: Crystal Growth and Detector Development
Research Interests: Crystal Growth and Detector Characterization

Ruslan Podviianiuk
Akeley 106
Project: SuperCDMS
Research interests: Nuclear electronics, development of detectors, development of software for data acquisitions and data analysis, low background measurements, data analysis

Wenzhao Wei
Patterson Hall 101
Projects: CUBED, Simulation Package
Research Interests: Monte Carlo simulation, data analysis

Graduate Students

Pramod Acharya
Patterson Hall 108
Projects: Investigation of Low-Energy Nuclear Recoil Utilizing Solid-State Detectors for Low-Mass Dark Matter Searches
Research Interests: Crystal purification and Characterization, Detector performance for dark matter searches

CJ Barton
Patterson Hall 108
Projects: MAJORANA Demonstrator, LEGEND
Research Interests: Monte Carlo simulation, data analysis

Sanjay Bhattarai
Patterson Hall 108
Projects: High Purity Germanium Crystal Growth
Research Interests: Crystal growth, its global simulation and characterization

Conan Bock
Patterson Hall 104
Projects:  Coherent experiment, with my work on the simulation of neutrons through the MARS detector
Research Interests:  Simulation, nuclear physics, experimental physics

Keyu Ding
Akeley-Lawrence 102
Projects: Developing cryogenic inorganic scintillation detectors
Research Interests: developing novel particle and radiation detectors for neutrino physics, dark matter search

Kunming Dong
Patterson Hall 123D
Projects: Zone-Refining; Research
Research Interests: Application of neural network in particle physics.

Zhangzhi Feng

Patterson Hall 123
Projects: Detector Development
Research Interests: Zone Refining

TanjilaTashrif Emi
Akeley-Lawrence 314B
Projects: Super CDMS
Research Interests: Dark Matter, Neutrino Physics, Data analysis

Kyler Kooi
Patterson Hall 108
Projects: Purification and Detector Development
Research Interests: Germanium Zone Refining and Detector Fabrication

Amila Samurdhi Kumara
Patterson Hall 108
Projects: SuperCDMS WIMP detection, simulation and data quality monitoring 
Research Interests: Particle physics, Dark Matter and Simulation

Alex Larson
Akeley-Lawrence 314A
Projects: nEXO (Enriched Xenon Observatory)
Research Interests: Neutrinos and Low Background Experiments

Qingqing Li
Patterson Hall 104
Project: Zone refining 
Research interests: Dark matter, High purity germanium detector

Tupendra Kumar Oli
Akeley-Lawrence 117A
Projects: Majorana Demonstrator, Legend
Research Interests: Neutrino physics, High energy physics, Data analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation

Rajendra Panth
Patterson Hall 108
Projects: Ge detector fabrication and characterization
Research Interests: Neutrino Physics

Laxman Paudel
Akeley-Lawrence 117A
Projects: The Majorana Demonstrator (MJD) and LEGEND-Large Enriched Germanium Experiments for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Research Interests: Monte-Carlo particle simulation in Geant4 to study different backgrounds in the low and high energy regime

Sudip Poudel
Akeley-Lawrence 314A
Projects: SuperCDMS
Research Interests: Dark Matter, Lightly Ionizing Particles, and Detector Calibration

Md Muktadir Rahman
Akeley 314B
Research Interests: Machine/Deep learning, Neutrino Physics, Nuclear, and High Energy Physics

Mathbar Singh Raut
Patterson Hall 108
Projects: Crystal Growth and Detector Development
Research Interest: Crystal Growth and Crystal Characterization; Direct detection of Geo-neutrinos using HPGe germanium detector

Yongjin Yang
Patterson Hall 104
Projects: Zone Refining and Detector Development
Research Interests: Zone Refining and Detector Development