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Maria BradyInterning with the nonprofit Global Partners in Hope (GPiH) has granted me the opportunity to be a part of something greater than myself.

Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, GPiH works closely with the governments in both West Africa and China to build bridges between people who can help and those who need hope. Building bridges can come in the form of providing medical centers, creating sustainable energy and promoting education and leadership training.

My position as an intern for the nonprofit involves the logistical planning for their work at home in the United States and abroad. It requires researching and networking with other nonprofits and businesses from around the world. Though it is early in the summer, the work I have completed has provided me with a new global perspective and has improved my written and oral communications. I am looking forward to the long-term effect my work will have for GPiH as well as the impact GPiH will have on my life.