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The Department of Political Science has a history of enriching the education experiences of its many undergraduate and graduate students. Over the past few decades, the we have produced over 40 percent of USD's national scholarship winners including Trumans, Rhodes, Fulbrights and Borens.

The kinds of extra curricular exchange programs, study tours, internship assistance and the critical scholarships that help attract students to our doors would not be possible without the generous support of our loyal alumni. We are deeply committed to educating our young people for the many challenges they will face in our rapidly changing world and greatly appreciate your assistance in this endeavor.


  • Farber Funds No. 1 is the original fund that is used for student travel and internships.
  • Farber Funds No. 2 is used for salary augmentation and scholarships as donors may request.
  • Farber Funds No. 3 is used for undergraduate student scholarships.
  • Farber Funds No. 4 was established in 2008 by a bequest from Doc Farber for the support of student-faculty research, student organizations, the Government Research Bureau and the maintenance of the Farber House.

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Additional Fundraising Needs

Endowed Scholarships

Scholarship endowments ($25,000 and up) may be based on either academic merit or financial need and may be named as the donor wishes.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

These endowments combine prestige with competitive financial packages, allowing us to hire top-notch teachers and scholars. They may also be named as the donor wishes.

Endowed Lectureships

Endowed lectureships ($100,000 and up) enable the college and its academic departments to bring informative and engaging speakers to campus.

Endowed Faculty Awards

Endowed awards ($50,000 and up) recognize distinguished faculty for their work or to advance a particular area of study determined by the donor. These awards may be named as the donor wishes.