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Public Affairs Journal

The Public Affairs Journal features research authored by faculty and students of the Department of Political Science at the University of South Dakota. The journal has periodically featured articles relating to projects associated with the Government Research Bureau. 

Previous and Ongoing Projects

Evaluation of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Rural Health Outreach Grant

The GRB serves as an external evaluator for the USD Department of Dental Hygiene over a three-year period. The GRB developed a satisfaction survey for the parents of school age children in the grant service area. Approximately 6000 surveys will be distributed and the GRB will conduct data analysis and prepare a written report at the end of the grant period.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Plans for South Dakota Highway Patrol

Each year the GRB collects, collates and combines existing data to assist the South Dakota Highway Patrol in documenting their success in meeting short- and long-range goals for commercial vehicle safety in South Dakota. We work collaboratively to build on the findings of annual performance assessments and author the annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan. 

Highway Safety Plans for South Dakota Department of Public Safety

Each year the GRB analyzes South Dakota accident records and performance data to assist the South Dakota Department of Public Safety (DPS) in determining if it has fulfilled its annual Highway Safety Plan. We also help establish short- and long-range goals to improve highway safety outcomes in the state. 

Driver Behavior Survey

The GRB conducts and analyzes a survey of South Dakota's drivers to fulfill NHTSA data requirements and assists in the development of the annual Highway Safety Plan.

Motorcycle Rider Training Data Study

The GRB developed, administered and analyzed a survey of graduates of the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety Motorcycle Safety Program. We also incorporated an analysis of motorcycle crash data for the five year period from 2008-2012. The primary objective of the study was to determine if there is a correlation between taking one of the motorcycle safety education courses and reduction of motorcycle crashes among that population.

Sioux Falls School District Study

The GRB conducted trend analysis of historical demographic factors in the Sioux Falls School District, evaluated and assessed the long-term impact changes in demographic factors on services provided by the district. 

Avera Health eConsult Program Evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess what extent the program objectives have been met and to what extent these achievements can be attributed to the implementation of the project. The evaluation included both quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Lutheran Social Services Rural Mentoring Evaluation

The GRB conducted an outcomes evaluation of a school-based mentoring program administered by Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota. The school-based mentoring program targets students in school districts in Minnehaha County and towns considered to be part of the Sioux Falls MSA, but not in Minnehaha County. The program evaluation occurred over three years, providing annual deliverables for Lutheran Social Services for both the formative elements of the grant program and for the possibility of creating a model program upon which to base subsequent rural mentoring and e-mentoring efforts.

Rapid City Senior Cooperative Master Plan Needs Assessment and Service Gap Analysis

The GRB and project members from both (1) Sumption and Wyland and (2) Sage Project Consultants, are conducted a community needs assessment and service gaps analysis for the City of Rapid City. The focus of this project was to identify the most pressing needs of Rapid City's senior community, both presently and for future members of this community.