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We encourage our students to seek internships during their college careers. The opportunities for practical learning are enormous. The benefits for career training are obvious. The department will assist students in identifying appropriate internship opportunities, preparing application materials and assessing assigned academic materials for credit hours.

Our students have had great success in securing internships at local, state, federal and international levels, in all branches of government, in the private and public sectors. When academic requirements are met, you can earn academic credit for substantive internships.

Employer Forms

The following forms are required of the employer or supervisor for our students to obtain academic credit for their work.

  • Form B is required prior to the beginning of the internship.
  • Form E is required midway through the internship.
  • Form G is required at the end of the internship.

All forms can be emailed to or faxed (Attention: Eric Jepsen) to 605-677-8808.

Contact Us

Name Department & Office Contact
Eric Jepsen
  • Coordinator of Undergraduate Study / Professor
Dakota Hall 233C
Sandy McKeown
  • Director / Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Dakota Hall 117
Lynita Newswander
  • Senior Lecturer
Dakota Hall 129