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Advocacy Coordinating Team (ACT)

The ACT consists of students and faculty who are committed to advocating for the profession of psychology at the local, state, regional and national level. The APA Graduate Student Association designates students to regional coordinators who assist in the development of state and departmental program-based committees. The 2019-2020 representatives and student members of the executive board of the South Dakota Psychology Association are Azra Osmancevic and Emma Shaughnessy. Jean Caraway, Ph.D., is the Ph.D. Faculty Advisor.

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Ally Group

Since 1996, the Ally Group has consisted of students and faculty who share a commitment to understanding the connections between racism, sexism, socioeconomic status, heterosexism and other forms of prejudice, discrimination and injustice. Ally provides a safe, supportive environment for difficult, diversity-related discussions. The 2019-2020 Ally graduate student mentor is Hannah Flanery and Jean Caraway, Ph.D. serves as the faculty mentor.

B.R.I.D.G.E. Committee and Building Bridges Conference

The Building Bridges Conference, established as a grass roots initiative among the SCIP student leadership in 1997, has become a recognized regional conference with a primary focus on topics relating to Native Americans in higher education.

The Building Relationships, Integrating Diversity and Growth in Education (BRIDGE) Conference Committee is comprised of clinical students and faculty who participate in the implementation of the Building Bridges Conference. Beth Boyd, Ph.D., and Jean Caraway, Ph.D., provide general oversight of the BRIDGE planning committee.

Human Factors and Ergonomics Student Chapter

This is a student chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Its mission is to further human factors and ergonomic education, both academic and applied, to create a rich environment promoting original ideas that generate quality research and increase communication and interaction between chapter members and professionals in the field.

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Psi Chi and Psychology Club

Psi Chi is a local chapter of the National Honor Society for Psychology, promoting student involvement in ongoing department research and in developing their own research projects and sponsoring psychology-related events throughout the year. Christopher Berghoff, Ph.D., serves as the faculty advisor.

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Students of Color in Psychology (SCIP)

Since 1994, the program's Students of Color in Psychology (SCIP) mentoring program has provided opportunities for students of color in psychology to explore issues of race and ethnicity in their developing professional identity. The SCIP program sponsors social activities for its members and for the program as a whole. They also sponsor/co-sponsor presentations on the topic of diversity. Yodit Denu is the 2019-2020 SCIP student mentor and Beth Boyd, Ph.D., serves as the faculty mentor.

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Health and Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee consists of a group of clinical psychology students who coordinate, plan and fund-raise for social activities within the clinical training program and Department of Psychology. Annual activities include a fall welcome picnic, winter party, and year-end potluck picnic lunch and farewell to interns. Logan Welker is the 2019-2020 student coordinator.