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Let's Talk About the Humanities

There is much to learn about ourselves and the world through studying a piece of literature, examining the worldviews and philosophies of Indigenous peoples, learning a new language or exploring rhetorical theory and criticism.

These pursuits allow us to gain insight into the human condition in all its variety and complexity, which is the ultimate goal of the academic disciplines that reside under the heading of the humanities. In the University of South Dakota’s College of Arts & Sciences, the Humanities Division includes programs and courses in classical humanities, communication studies, English, history, modern languages and linguistics, Native American studies, philosophy, religious studies and women, gender and sexuality studies.

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In This Issue

  • SD Neuro

    The study of life offers plentiful applications for nanotechnology. Problems can occur in everything from individual cell functions to global food supply, so the need for solutions is urgent—and growing.

  • SD AS Student Solutions

    Situated in the unassuming Farber House on the southern edge of USD’s campus, the GRB appears to be a small institution. But over the years, it’s become a powerhouse for students looking to gain research experience and for South Dakota government entities and nonprofits needing research analysis.

  • SD AS  Nolop

    Each year, USD’s Nolop Institute of Medical Biology awards three Nolop Summer Research Scholarships to undergraduate students who perform medically significant research with their faculty mentors.