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To help you pay for course materials and supplies, the University of South Dakota offers qualifying students a $500 interest-free Book Advance. If you are eligible, the Book Advance will automatically show as a payment option in your USD online bookstore account upon checkout. Do not delay in ordering your course materials; buy now and pay later! 


  • You must be a registered USD student 
  • Your USD student account in SDePay must be in good standing

Program Details

  • Available for fall and spring semesters only
  • Can only be used in the USD online bookstore 
  • Use up to $500 per semester
  • The Book Advance payment option is available during checkout
  • Only the amount used will be applied directly to your university bill

Book Advance Repayment

  • The amount used will be added to your student university bill in SDePay
  • No interest will be charged if paid during the corresponding semester
  • If available, financial aid may be used to repay
  • The amount used must be paid through SDePay in the semester charged
  • If you are enrolled in a SDePay Payment Plan, the Book Advance amount used will be collected according to your plan terms

To learn how to use the Book Advance in the USD online bookstore, please visit the Coyote One Stop article Using the USD Book Advance Payment Option.